Realizing your faults with losing weight.

oh man losing weight when you have to change your daily schedule in your head, it´s so hard!, I always thought it could happen over a night but you got to fight hard everyday to knock these things into your head.

Taking small steps and changing one thing each day, in my case is that bread and replacing it with healthy fats and protein since that is a thing i am greatly lacking.
I keep forgetting all this and i come back to my old habbits, which really hurts me and makes me feel extra ashamed of my body weight, luckily though when i start next week in fitness boxing im hoping that will put me on track since some of you might know that the moment you  start exercising you show how dont crave those unhealthy foods as much :).

update: Now i have been going for 2 days and im so soar! and my shoulders are so dead i ended up throwing up.. yea be careful people. I´m taking a break off today and going tomorrow! working it up until i´m going 5 times a week 🙂
wish me luck!


Hard Being Healthy Without money

Due to not having a job yet *curses at companies*
my Idea of being on herbalife is kinda down the drain for now, so trying to poke my parents into buying healthy things is working so far but it´s just not the same, because when i do have my issues with food, herbalife does save me a lot of emotional food issues and health issues relating to my car accident.
I´m hoping to get a part time job with university so i can start buying herbalife, and it will be very handy when it comes to bringing it to school! win win 🙂

I really recommend herbalife despite the negative comments on it, of course its not a must, a health diet will do but for those who struggle with eating or anything like that it really does help. It helps me eat healthy and regularly while i hope to loose some weight in the future. My friend is a real big inspiration since he lost 30kg+ with herbalife and working out.

🙂 until i  have the money, i´m working on myself with normal food since that´s something you gotta do as well!

An Interesting boring summer

So I came from Japan on the 12th of June and been looking for a job but nothing so far and it´s the 15th of july now… not sure but I guess its hard to find a job because most want a full time job employee and I suppose it doesn’t help when you´re still sensitive body wise from a car accident.

Instead while i wait for responses, i help my parents around the house, take photos and so on!  I have been pondering if i should work on my Japanese since my ability to study is a bit slow due to a.d.d,  But that makes me think if Going to university in japan after the 2 year time in iceland would be a good idea?

I  did love japan when i was there and honestly my dream is to find a job where i can travel the world while working but i just get so homesick… very homesick.. although my mother did offer to come with me for the beginning months 🙂 , have any of you gone to a school abroad? i know its not the easiest going to school for a whole year.. yet alone in another foreign country.  oddest thing though is that what would be stopping me from going there is that.. i have a 15 year old cat who is the world to me and i’m so scared
she´d pass away while i was away! 😦

So many things going through my mind !  so while i sort this out i will continue to take photos, draw and enjoy summer while i can 🙂 despite being penniless.