New, Deep connections with people is Impossible.

I love getting to know people and maybe a bit too much.
I have been told by other people that it´s just me being paranoid but it  really is a feeling that´s hard to shake off.
I get very open with people after I get over the shy stage of the friendship, and I can become maybe too pushy? supposedly I just ask for too much from people, because I do want people to have the same interest as me when it comes to putting in effort in getting to know the people.

The moment I start msg-ing that person frequently and show interest, I become really invested and quickly throw in some feelings (friendly feelings) and I want to receive the same thing but of course people wont always be interested in you back, that´s just how it is sadly.

I sometimes feel like I´m this hyper dog that constantly wants attention but never gets any, :Þ maybe I´m just clingy?
I mean , I am an introvert but.. I crave communication with people online while I´m relaxing alone in my room. I love just handing out with people on Skype while doing other things, it creates this perfect harmony to me.

Maybe all this is just a fantasy i cant fulfill, I feel like maybe I´m  just not really a likable person compared to everyone else? not cool, not pretty , not skinny or funny enough? just never enough? know what I mean?

That´s why, when it comes to it, I prefer animals because then i know they wont at least betray me.. and let me down.