Hard Being Healthy Without money

Due to not having a job yet *curses at companies*
my Idea of being on herbalife is kinda down the drain for now, so trying to poke my parents into buying healthy things is working so far but it´s just not the same, because when i do have my issues with food, herbalife does save me a lot of emotional food issues and health issues relating to my car accident.
I´m hoping to get a part time job with university so i can start buying herbalife, and it will be very handy when it comes to bringing it to school! win win 🙂

I really recommend herbalife despite the negative comments on it, of course its not a must, a health diet will do but for those who struggle with eating or anything like that it really does help. It helps me eat healthy and regularly while i hope to loose some weight in the future. My friend is a real big inspiration since he lost 30kg+ with herbalife and working out.

🙂 until i  have the money, i´m working on myself with normal food since that´s something you gotta do as well!