Realizing your faults with losing weight.

oh man losing weight when you have to change your daily schedule in your head, it´s so hard!, I always thought it could happen over a night but you got to fight hard everyday to knock these things into your head.

Taking small steps and changing one thing each day, in my case is that bread and replacing it with healthy fats and protein since that is a thing i am greatly lacking.
I keep forgetting all this and i come back to my old habbits, which really hurts me and makes me feel extra ashamed of my body weight, luckily though when i start next week in fitness boxing im hoping that will put me on track since some of you might know that the moment you  start exercising you show how dont crave those unhealthy foods as much :).

update: Now i have been going for 2 days and im so soar! and my shoulders are so dead i ended up throwing up.. yea be careful people. I´m taking a break off today and going tomorrow! working it up until i´m going 5 times a week 🙂
wish me luck!