An Interesting boring summer

So I came from Japan on the 12th of June and been looking for a job but nothing so far and it´s the 15th of july now… not sure but I guess its hard to find a job because most want a full time job employee and I suppose it doesn’t help when you´re still sensitive body wise from a car accident.

Instead while i wait for responses, i help my parents around the house, take photos and so on!  I have been pondering if i should work on my Japanese since my ability to study is a bit slow due to a.d.d,  But that makes me think if Going to university in japan after the 2 year time in iceland would be a good idea?

I  did love japan when i was there and honestly my dream is to find a job where i can travel the world while working but i just get so homesick… very homesick.. although my mother did offer to come with me for the beginning months 🙂 , have any of you gone to a school abroad? i know its not the easiest going to school for a whole year.. yet alone in another foreign country.  oddest thing though is that what would be stopping me from going there is that.. i have a 15 year old cat who is the world to me and i’m so scared
she´d pass away while i was away! 😦

So many things going through my mind !  so while i sort this out i will continue to take photos, draw and enjoy summer while i can 🙂 despite being penniless.


Random thoughts about excessive talking?

Hey guys, sorry if my topics are completely random but i guess that´s what i´m going for.
Been wondering for a long time and especially tonight on how I struggle with controlling my emotions.
I am a very emotional person to some point, and my a.d.d plays into that i would think?
I have the issue were whatever i´m feeling or thinking i say out loud right away, of course i try to be sure not to say something hurtful, but i just keep blabbing away about my worries and thoughts to my friends and boyfriend. That worries me a lot to the point were in the past, I´d have days were I would completely stop talking or try to minimize everything i say and just listen.

Sometimes i wish i could go days without talking, to ease my worry of talking too much, and people just are not letting me know.

Do you guys have this issue?

It makes me think that maybe i should close people off, not contact them unless they contact me. But in my out of control brain, in those moments i´m like a hyper dog who just wants to get to know that person and talk to them constantly and my energy just goes into talking and I can´t control  myself….

Later, when i´m alone with myself and sometimes the thought comes up like tonight, after i´ve been spamming my boyfriend with my thoughts on messenger, about everything. I start worrying that he will leave me for talking too much, Crasy right?

-to be continued