Started Herbalife

So  I think in July? I started Herbalife , and it´s been progressing rather slowly so far
but it´s understandable since getting rid of bad habits isn’t so easy , also because of the fact that i had a rather bad car crash during the 27th of may 2016  with my boyfriend , the day before my graduation. Now so far my right arm ( the wrist area and down) isn’t working , and my hip so far only allows me to walk the minimum length per day, although i´m upping my goals each day , so I can reach my ideal body even faster c:

I´ve cut most soda out and but i´m also  working on getting rid of bread and not drinking my calories and such. The part which is quite surprising is that the Herbalife shake kinda helps me with not snacking as much or eating as unhealthy as i did, it´s rather strange.

Also not sure if my muscle gain  (via the scale that measures fat , muscle, water etc)  that I go on is because 0f progress or that i´m recovering from my accident but it´s something.. 🙂

Hope to start seeing a difference soon if i actually start following all this accurately!

might add more later but bye for now!

over and out,


2 thoughts on “Started Herbalife

  1. Congrats… I just started it as well I’m about 3months in… amazing results… trust the process…. it took years of making on bad habits undoing them and starting new will take work… focus on what and where u wanna go and keep that vision with u always…. make a vision board and have it around where u see it everyday to keep u going and be your “why”

  2. I am so sorry to read about your car crash-that sounds terrible! But I am glad that you started Herbalife. I have been off and on the products for about two almost three years and have just barely decided to make a business with it. I love the way I feel after drinking a shake or tea. I am excited to read more about your progress.

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